To commemorate our 10th year

We are offering a 10% discount on selected Eye and ENT services. The offer is valid from the 1st of August till the 31st of August 2017.

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  • Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)Assess the hearing level
  • TympanometryChecking the functioning of the middle ear (normal or pathological)
  • OAEChecking the functioning of the inner Ear (Cochlear & cells)
  • ABRDiagnosis of diseases of auditory nerve & brainstem, as well as Cochlear


  • 3D OCT It gives a detailed 3D image of back of the Eye
  • Corneal TopographyIt gives a detailed image of cornea
  • B-Scan It gives a detailed image of back of the Eye for mature cataracts
  • 3D OCT AngiographyIt gives a detailed image of layers in the Eye (without injecting the dye)

Doctors at Golden Key Hospital

Golden Key Hospital has the most number Of visiting doctors in its areas of Eye & ENT:25 Eye consultants and 14 ENT consultants